Do you need a new flat roof to be installed?

Don´t despair, the qualified and professional team at roofing team at Advanced Roofing & Guttering Services can help you!

On today´s market, there are a host of different flat roofing solutions to suit every type of property, from modern through to traditional. For small roofs, such as a dormer window or a shed, a felt roof may be sufficient. However, for larger, more expansive roofs it may be better to choose a more advanced roofing material such as EPDM rubber or GRP fiberglass.

These two newcomers to the roofing market provide many superior qualities along with offering longer guarantees.

EPDM and GRP can be initially more costly to install but over time work out more cost effective due to the lack of maintenance needed to keep them looking the same as the day they were laid.

  • There are no joins or seams
  • Fits all sizes and shapes of roofs
  • Both are UV resistant so suitable for extreme UK weather
  • Resistant to moss and weed growth
  • There are no loose chippings that could block your guttering
  • Both are laid cold so no mess

If you have concerns or questions as to what type of new flat roofing is best for your property, just peak to a member of our friendly team who will be able to help and guide.

Flat roofs need repairing from time to time so if your existing flat roof is leaking or needs to be repaired in another way then take a look at our Roof Repairs page for more information.

Our flat roofing repair service is available to both home and business owners, we offer competitive quotations and carry public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

Call our team today to discuss your flat roofing requirements on any of the numbers at the top of the page, we look forward to hearing from you.